NILFISK PRESSURE WASHER COLD 107146402 220/1/60/15


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Nilfisk Pressure Washer Cold 107146402 220/1/60/15


This range of machines brings a clear reduction in the total cost of ownership for our customers, which has been a key element in our strategy. The MC range of pressure washers increase cleaning efficiency on average by 15%. Thanks to the external detergent injector system, the real working pressure at the nozzle is increased and the cleaning time can be reduced by up to 15% - and this saves labor, water and electricity costs!

Also part of our efforts to reduce total cost of ownership, the serviceability of the MC line has been improved by an optimal level of accessibility to motor and pump. On board pump oil tank and fill/empty system make basic maintenance tasks such as oil checking simple for the user. And in case of maintenance by a service organization, the easy to access concept will reduce maintenance time and cost.

  • Powered by a 1450 rpm high-quality motor pump
  • Brass pump head and three ceramic coated pistons
  • Pressure activated unloader system
  • Pump oil tank with oil level sight and fill/empty function
  • Easy opening and removing of cabinet for access to the pump
  • Innovative holder protects Spray Gun from damage during storage and transport
  • Turnable cable hook for easier removal and wind-up of power cable
  • Robust design with larger 250 mm wheels optimizes transport over rough surfaces and steps
  • Aluminum lifting bar

  • Weight (kg): 39
  • Length x width x height (mm): 382x382x1017
  • Pump pressure (bar/MPa): 150/15
  • Cleaning impact (kg/force): 2.8
  • Water flow Qmax/Qiec (l/h): 620/560
  • Max. inlet temperature (°C): 60
  • Power consumption (kW): 3
  • Voltage/phase/frequency/current (V/~/Hz/A): 220/1/60/13.9
  • El cable (m): 5
  • Suction height dry (m): 0.5
  • Nozzle size: .0340
  • Pump (RPM): 1750
  • Ceramic coated pistons: 3
  • Recommended avg. hours of use per day: 4
  • width=38.2
  • height=101.7
  • length=38.2
  • 39 kgs

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